Top Facebook Business Pages

Neil Patel, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, has posted his article "The 7 Best Facebook Business Pages and How to Copy Their Strategies. You can see all 7 below and read the full article for more information.

Note the number of Likes - the m following the number is million, yes million!

Facebook’s Facebook Page has over 189,780,591 likes (and counting).

Starbucks comes in next with 35,431,531 worldwide followers.

Everybody’s favorite mashup, Nutella, clocks in at 31,985,113 followers.

Zappos surprisingly only has 2,215,007 Facebook followers.

Threadless is technically a t-shirt company that features one-of-a-kind designs from independent artists. So far, they’re up to 895,181 Facebook likes.

Outdoors clothing brand, L.L. Bean, has 751,573 followers.

Last but not least, Stella & Dot clocks in at 482,820 followers.